Discounted Invoice: Discount Total 0.00


I have created an invoice and applied a 10% discount. This appears fine when editing the invoice, but when the client views the invoice the discount is applied as a new line (fine), but the ‘Discount’ field at the bottom of the invoice says ‘0.00’.

Is this right? Seems strange to include a field for the discount total at the bottom but not use it.

Thanks in advance :smile:

Hi @Ross2452

I’ve managed to replicate this. As per your screenshot, it’s adding an additional line to the invoice to show the discount rather than showing it in the footer with the totals.

I’ll ask someone to have a look in the morning and I’ll come back to you

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I’ve reported this on our bug tracking system, it should get looked at tomorrow morning.

I will update once I know more.

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Thanks Glenn :slight_smile:

I’m loving QuickFile btw, awesome tool :smiley:

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Great to hear!

Also the issue you reported has now been resolved. Let me know if you have any further problems here.

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