Display Error - Bank Statement Notes

Just a minor issue I’ve spotted when using the [Add Notes] feature on the Bank Statement pages.

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Navigate to [Banking] -> [All Bank Accounts]
  2. Scroll down the screen and hit the ‘View’ link against the required account (e.g. Petty Cash)
  3. Hover over a transaction in this view and hit the green plus icon next to the chat bubble symbol to ‘Add Note’
  4. Enter a note in the yellow presented box and click away from the box to auto save. (e.g. £20 to cover lunch)
  5. Scroll back to the top of the page and select the [Reset View] button to refresh the page.
  6. Navigate back to the transaction which you added the comment against and click the speach bubble symbol to display your comment(s)

The comment will still be displayed, but the element after the ‘£’ GBP symbol, will have been converted into HTML. So £20 becomes &_pound;20. (I’ve added the _ myself to get it to display properly here as the page keeps converting it back! :laughing:)

There doesn’t seem to be the same issue with the $ sign, so it’s something against the display options for the humble £GBP.

If it means anything I am seeing this behaviour on Google Chrome.

Also as an aside is it possible to select to have comment lines displayed by default? Perhaps italicsed or greyed out etc?


Hi @Scruffies

I’ve managed to replicate this - I’ll pass this on to get a fix in place.

With the comment lines - are you referring to the invoice comment lines?


Not the invoice comment lines no - these notes that you can add to the individual bank transaction lines themselves.

It’s not a big issue, it’s just in the current format quite difficult to immediately spot the lines that have notes added, from those that don’t currently (I.e. the ones without the ‘green plus’ symbol.)

Just thinking it might be useful to have a toggle or settings switch of some sort (either globaly within the settings or as a view option on each relevant page) that would allow you to expand all lines/show all notes /collapse all etc.

For example we’ve started capturing some basic detail for [Partner Drawings] from [Petty Cash] by using the notes E.g. £20 for lunch.

This helps to show where the money has gone and jogs the memory come month end when we do our banking etc.

I could try and ask my wife for purchase receipts and an invoice each time she needs some petty cash…but I’d rather not spend the night on the sofa! :smirk:


I see what you mean. We have this function on the chart of accounts pages, so it could be very possible to replicate this on the bank statement view.

Yep - that looks just like what I was thinking.

You wouldn’t want it to display all the time - on our Current Account for example the supporting detail becomes the physical receipts and invoices but being able to toggle it on and off like that whenever you need to would be great I think.

Much appreciated! :grinning:

The encoding issue on the bank notes is fixed. It should be live by tomorrow morning.

The “show notes” check box shouldn’t be an issue but we’ll need to look in a bit more detail at that.

Blommin Marvelous! :grinning:

Thank you both for the great support and quick fix.