Displaying and reporting against Item in invoices

I would like to use the Item field to indicate the period an invoice relates to eg 2011-2012 or Jan Feb etc and the description then contain other details.

Is it possible to then get the Item field visble in the Invoice listing page per client as it would give me a very quick view of sequential invoicing and any miussed periods very easily.

Is it possible to also make a report against invoices rasied enabling the Items field to be easily seen?

If not I will do it through the API by pulling invoices out and extracting the Item filed and displaying a summary in the dashboard of my separate application.

You can create items in the inventory area that correspond to specific periods. You can then apply these item codes to your invoices and filter down using the advanced search dialogue in the sales management area.

From the invoice management area you can download a CSV of the current view. It wont however display the item name as there could be multiple items for any single invoice. You may instead want to put the date period in the description, this is searchable and visible in any downloaded CSV view.

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