Dividends availability reporting


I am currently using the spreadsheet for my bookkeeping and I do everything else in QF. Me ss can always shows me how much dividends at any particular time I can withdraw. Can you please advise how can I create a similar report in QF?
It would be good to see how much Corp Tax I owe and VAT, but dividends much more important.


I would have thought it would likely be driven by the Profit & Loss figure for a given period, but I’m not an accountant so couldn’t describe in detail how to do this. You can access a P&L report in the reports section and modify the dates accordingly.

We are currently building a more sophisticated tax overview screen that will most likely simplify this process in future.

You can use Dividends calculator on my website using your figures from book keeping record if you like

Hi FK,

Can you do accounting using QF web data? If so how much would full package cost to do two directors and 3 employees?


Yes of course I can prepare account and tax return using QF and many other online cloud based accounting system along with non-cloud based systems. I normally work on fixed fee that covers

  1. Accounts
  2. Taxation
  3. PAYE + CIS
  4. Director personal tax returns
  5. Business advisory etc

Fee depends on number of factors after having first FREE initial meeting or discussion on the phone. If you are interested in quote please feel free to call me


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