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Dividends paid but not appearing in report

Hello. I just noticed the beta feature which creates dividend vouchers and board meeting minutes for dividends. When I try to use it, however, nothing is showing in Reports - Dividends, despite my journal entry debiting 3102 dividends paid. I wonder if I have entered this incorrectly? (The only shareholder is a corporate entity and the dividend “payment” just credits the loan account for that entity, no payment from the bank account is actually made).
Thank you.

Hi @Silverfrost

The dividend voucher can be created by either:

  • Going to Reports > All Reports > Dividends, and creating a voucher; or
  • When tagging a bank transaction as a dividend, you would be given the option to create the voucher there

However, the voucher has to be associated with a bank transaction. If you don’t have any of these on your bank transaction list, you will need to create one first.

Hope this helps

So where there is no bank transaction (in this case, the dividend is simply credited to loan account using a journal), the dividend voucher and board meeting minutes can’t be created by QF?

It’s not a problem as I can create them manually myself but I really just wanted to make sure I was posting the dividend correctly as it doesn’t appear in the dividends report.

If it doesn’t work when dividend vouchers are tagged to the DLA then this is an issue in my opinion. Directors often repay their DLA by issuing dividends. It seems strange that the system would not take this in to account.

It’s not specific to the DLA, the issue we see is that it will pickup bank tagged entries, but it’s not giving the option to create Dividend statements from journal entries.

Leave this with us, I will make some enquiries, I think it should be easy to fix.

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@Silverfrost can you please check if that entry now appears in the list?

No, still not showing.

I’ve sent you a PM to get some account information. It should appear if it’s a journal, also make sure the date range extends to cover the journal date.

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