Do I need a subscription to use the MTD VAT submission?

i am signed up with quickfile using just for invoicing at the moment.
re my vat returns .i have linked tax account to quickfile.
to submit does this require a payment to quickfile and if so how do i do this
thanks paul

Hi @1962 Paul,

If you are doing your accounts on QuickFile then there is no charge for the MTD connection. If you are wanting to use the bridging module then you will be required to pay the subscription after the first submission.

Hope this helps

hi qfbeth,
when i try to go into the qf tax account-vat returns i just get a message as follows.
you are not yet authorised to view this report for the vrn……… please ensure your vat number is correct and you have connected the corresponding HMRC tax account.
i have checked with HMRC and they say it is connected with qf. i have also checked my vat number is correct.
please could you advise.

Hi Paul,

This usually happens if you haven’t fully registered for MTD with HMRC or haven’t had the confirmation email come through.

The error is coming through from HMRC so if you have registered successfully it may be worth getting in touch with them.

The only other thing to check, if you have more than one government gateway account you may have accidentally connected the wrong account

hi qf Beth,
i have contacted HMRC and they say they have connected with yourselves. i did have three connections on your HMRC section, i have deleted two of them. could you check that the remaining one is now connected with HMRC and is ready to use.
thanks paul.

Hi @1962

You can check the connection by viewing your VAT Obligations. If they load all OK, then you’re good to go.

hi Matthew,
i have checked the vat obligations and it just comes back with the same error message as i first contacted you with, HMRC say their side is ok.
thanks paul

As @QFBeth mentioned above, the error comes directly from HMRC, so it’s possible it’s not the correct account I’m afraid.

It may be worth removing all HMRC accounts linked with QuickFile and starting fresh. But even before doing that, log into the HMRC website with the account you’re going to link, and check that MTD VAT is there first.

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