Do i need to create a supplier for every purchase I make?

I’ve been tagging most purchases as ‘semething else not on list’ and then ‘training’ or IT consumables, te;ephone etc.

Is this correct? Or should I be create a supplier for every purchase and tagging it to them - Thanks

Thats is fine, you dont have to create supplier, you can book expenses from bank straight.

Two things to bear in mind when posting directly to nominal accounts:

  1. If you’re VAT registered posting directly to nominal accounts from the bank will not allow you to account for the VAT. For this you need an invoice where the VAT can be itemised.

  2. There’s no way to attach a scan of the invoice or any meta-data about an invoice if you post directly to a nominal account. This is fine if you have that data handy elsewhere. If you get a visit from HMRC it’s always better if you can show them a clear audit trail of payments linked to invoices, with most crucially the invoice number.

So in short it’s not ideal but it’s OK if you have sufficient records outside of QF to account for everything.