Do I need to upload Sales Receipts?

Ok, i’m a bit confused myself on this one so please bare with me…

When I log a purchase I will then make sure I upload a corresponding invoice…no problem.

Am I suppose to do something similar for Sales? What is a Sales receipt exactly? I do not deal in cash sales, so I figured I do not need to upload anything, my invoices are raised and all paid online.

Just looking for clarification that I’m am logging everything correctly :slight_smile:

You don’t need to upload anything in particular for sales invoices, but if your income is from elsewhere (e.g. an ecommerce site, or retail outlet), you may wish to attach a backing report to it to back up the figures.

For example, if you take £120.00 including VAT from a shop, the till should give you an output of the figures. You may then with to upload that report and attach it to the sales invoice (just incase ;))

You don’t have to, but it would mean everything is in one place should you need it.

Thank you, All of my transactions are online so everything is logged electronically. :slight_smile: Easy Peasy :slight_smile: