Document Folders/categories Error

in Document Manager “Upload to Folder” dropdown I get 17 folders but I have items in a folder that isn’t listed (Sales)
When I Search the Folder option shows me the folders in which I have documents, one of which is in the wrong folder, so I select the folder with the document in and “Submit Search”
This returns the one document but when I click on the folder icon this returns a list of the names 17 folders less the one the document is already in, but not the folder that I wish to put it in.
See screenshots.

Screenshot 2021-01-25 at 23.11.34

I believe “sales” is a special case that refers to documents that are attached to a sales invoice rather than ones you’ve uploaded to the document manager directly.

Hi @tc5440,

The Sales folder is a system control folder, its not one that you can upload documents to via the document manager, its for the documents that have been uploaded through the sales invoice itself.

Hope that helps

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