Document Manager Small Improvement

just a small suggestion for the document manager.

Whe uploading a few files I can drag and drop one at a time and I have to select the “Upload to folder:” first.

  1. would it be possible to drag and drop multiple files assuming they are going to the same folder?
  2. would it be possible for the “Upload to folder:” selection to stay on the last selected folder ready for the next file rather than defaulting back to the top of the list?

When dropping multiple files to a folder these would save time/clicks.

Only a small thing but would be appreciated.



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Thanks for the suggestions @tc5440.

I’ll certainly pass your feedback to the team.

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Just found this while searching for a solution.
I’m just trying to advance my ‘paperless’ approach, and dragging one file at a time is painful.
Worse still, dragging/dropping resets the destination folder each time, so more actions are required for each file. Imagine hundreds of documents to deal with…!!!
I’d like to add my support for this feature - it would have saved me at least 2 hours today.

Hi @andythornton

You can add your vote by clicking the “Vote” button at the top of the thread.

Thanks Mathew - never noticed that!