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Document Uploading to Journal Entries

Hi there,

In QuickFile, we can attach documents to Sales and Purchase invoices which is great. But sooner or later, we may need to use Journal Entries to record transactions which are not available in QuickFile or very complex in their nature. For such cases, “Attached Files” section in the journal entry screen would be great to upload supporting evidence/documents related with the journal entry.

Please consider this post as a feature suggestion.
Thank you.

Kind regards,
Nazim Can.

Just bare in mind if you are vat registered journal entries won’t pick up the vat for the vat return.

Thank you very much for pointing out the tricky detail.

Yes, the company is VAT registered. But, at the moment, we are just using Journal Entries for reimbursement of expenses which are paid with director’s debit card.

Yes in that instance that’s exactly why you’d use a journal. But using it for other things like recording sales and purchases will create issues with your vat return.