Does Quickfile provide accountants the ability to file CT600's for their clients?

The HMRC software no longer provides Agents with an ability to file their clients CT600’s online with Companies House and HMRC, so I wonder if Quickfile offer this facility through Affinity?

In the circumstance where Quickfile cannont provide the ability to file the CT600, I need to know the format of Quickfile so that I can gain alternate quotes from the suppliers that HMRC recommend.

Hi Ernie,

I’m afraid not, we probably won’t be venturing into the realm of Corporation Tax filing anytime in the near future. It’s quite a complex area in it’s own right! We are however open to linking in with established accounts production and tax software such as IRIS, BTC or CCH.

So, if I contact IRIS, will they be aware of the format of Quickfile?

Just to confirm are you looking for software that will perform all the tax computations, or a way to file the CT600 electronically, or both? I don’t have a great deal of experience in this area but I can make some enquiries for you.

I’ve just spoken with IRIS, and they provide commercial software that will enable me to file CT600’s and other tax documents with Companies House and HMRC; though, this would be at a cost of £3,242 net per year. I’ve just attempted to find contact details for BTC and CCH, and wonder if you have any further detail on these initials as the results I am gaining are fairly wide ranging using the initials.

I’ve managed to contact BTC who offered me unlimited access to their software for £295 net per year, and their system seems to accomplish similar tasks to the system offered by IRIS, so once I gain the free trial, this BTC offering will be far more economical. Thanks for the tip! For your information, their salesman is Tim Pearce, 0800 612 7650

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Thanks for posting your findings in regards to IRIS and BTC, that’s very useful!

Here are the links to the specific companies I mentioned previously.

There may be others, but as I say I don’t have a great deal of involvement on the accounts production and tax side of things.

I know my colleague was engaged in some discussions with BTC and I am aware of at least one other Affinity user that regularly use and recommend their services.

Any further feedback you can offer please feed free to update us later.

Hello Glenn,

As I mentioned earlier, IRIS have provided me with access to a trial of their system, which I gather will be an all encompassing product, but in my mind it is expensive at £3,242.00 net for up to 149 clients. As I have more clients than this on Quickfile, the alternate offering from BTC Software seems like it will provide me with the services I’ll require and it will allow me to service unlimited clients, and the cost is £245 net for the basic package, though I have opted for the alternate system which is £295 net. As IRIS and BTC will both be an annual cost, it is fairly easy to see which is the most economical, even if I have to do a little more work on the BTC system. I am currently testing the BTC system, so when I have completed my evaluation, I’ll let you know how I get on.

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Can I suggest you look at taxfiler