Dormant company accounts

Do i have to file company accounts if my company was dormant from July 2012 to July 2013 as I have received a reminder to file my company accounts

Yes you have to file Dormant accounts

i need help doing this how do i go about it as deadline is 14 April?

This should help WebFiling - Dormant Company Accounts Demo

Thank you for sending this through. I have already completed this a few weeks ago so paniked when i received a corporation tax reminder yesterday- i will give them a call today as was probably sent in error - thank you!!

I think you’ll need to send back the detachable payment slip with NIL written on it. I would also call HMRC to advise them that the company is currently dormant.

If you been issued notice to file CT return then you have to file it else you would get penalty. You should have got CT41G form at early days on company formation to inform HMRC when would company be active.

Get in touch with HMRC and ask them not to issue further CT notice until you tell them that company is not dormant anymore