Double Charging with Go Cardless

We have recently set up a linked Go Cardless account & have 1 customer using it …on the 23rd April they had 2 outstanding invoices that they settled but nothing showed either on their account or in our holding account, a week later they had a further invoice to pay but for some reason, Go Cardless has now charged them for all 3 invoices including the 2 already paid rather than just the 1 outstanding … this time everything has appeared to work as it should correctly tagging the invoices & appearing in the merchant account. I now need to refund the client for the overcharge but Go Cardless FAQ suggest this can’t be done via their system leaving me looking rather charlie like with additional merchant fees & the need to go to the client and ask for their bank details - wish I’d just left it with them paying directly into the bank. Any ideas on what went wrong & how I can avoid it happening again?

When you collected the first payment for the initial two invoices, that payment was done from the client screen and was not linked to any specific invoices. It was a generic payment request for a specified amount.

When collecting payments for multiple invoices like this it’s better to check the invoices and make a DD request against the actual invoices.

Doing it this way will lock them down and prevent you or your client from inadvertently making a second collection request.

To initiate a refund now it would need to be a BACs transfer as GoCardless don’t provide a specific refund option.