Double entries - how to view?

Is there a way of seeing the double entry posting for each ledger entry?


Not really, I think is the answer. What I do is run an excel spreadsheet with ‘T’ accounts ( to mirror the entries in quickfile). You just have to remember the basic accounting conventions, i.e.

Asset account (bank, petty cash etc) - Dr to increase and Cr to decrease

Liability account (overheads etc) - Dr to decrease and Cr to increase

Capital account - Dr to decrease and Cr in increase

Also open up T accounts for sales and purchases; Cr entries for sales and Dr entries for purchases.

You can drop the balances from these accounts into a trial balance - also useful to have throughout a typical month. Quickfile can produce something close to this if you take reports==> chart of accounts and tick for hide accounts with no activity.

Hope this helps.

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