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We have a number of different QF accounts for different brands. One of those brands is moving over to a different finance system unfortunately. Not because of an issue with QF just because it’s a specialist sector that can benefit from some automation and moving to different software will allow us to reduce our workload.

Most of the profiles have been moved over to the new software but some, around 10, are still waiting to be moved. This should only produce around 10 invoices over the next 12 months. Is it possible to downgrade our QF subscription to the free version?

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The subscription requirement is based on the previous 12 months usage at the time of renewal - if by your renewal date the 12 month rolling average has dropped below threshold then the renewal will be optional (you’ll still be prompted when the subscription comes up to expiry but you won’t lose access if you choose not to renew).

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Hi Ian,

That makes sense, thank you.

How will I know if I am below the threshold or not though?

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Account size explained?

Perfect, thank you!!!

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