Download tagged receipt via api

I’ve hunted through the API docs, but can’t seem to find a way of doing this, so apologies if I missed something really obvious.

I’ve tagged some receipts in the receipt hub, created some purchase purchase records for them. Now I would like to search for unpaid purchases via the API (which I can do), and download the associated receipt that was tagged in the receipt hub.

Is there no way of doing this, or am I missing something.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Moomoo

Glad to hear you’ve managed to implement the search with the API. However, at the moment it’s not possible to receive a list of files associated to a purchase. I’ve converted this topic to a feature request and I will double check there isn’t a way of doing this. If it doesn’t exist and more interest is shown, then we can revisit this and see what we can sort out