Downloading bank statements?

I have tried to download my bank statements from lloyds. I have followed the procedure twice now, everything looked okay , but I cannot see them on my quickfile?

How long should they take to show?

I assume you used the chrome extension, and selected the ‘export to quickfile’ option?

Usually it doesn’t take too long. Did you get any messages appear, like a success or an error message?

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Yes I used the chrome extension. Everything seemed to go through okay with a success message, but still I cant see my bank statements.

I’ve just attempted it again, this time using the qif format instead of csv.
Then I loaded up the quickfile page again and now there are 3 statements for me to process.
So it looks like I’m on the right track.



Glad to hear you’re all sorted @paulbrew. Any further issues, post here :slight_smile: