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Downloading Documents

I have requested a number of document downloads yesterday and today via the document manager with no response. Is there an issue?

Hi @Bagpipe

Have you requested these to be sent via email? Have you checked that the email address is correct and that the email isn’t in your spam/junk folder

HI @QFBeth
I cannot see the option to add my email address when ordering.

Apologies I was thinking of the account back up. The file should appear in the document management area. I am just checking with a colleage on a few things

Hi @Bagpipe

We have located the problem with the downloads not being shown and are working on a fix. We will let you know once this is resolved and then your file should appear shortly after

The issue should now be fixed and the download showing in your document manager.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing problems

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Many thanks @QFBeth …this is now working fine.

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