Draft VAT return

I have recently enrolled in the HMRC MTD scheme. Since then I am no longer able to create a draft VAT return to see how much VAT is owing to date. I get this error message saying I am not authorised to view this report.
Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong please?

If this error is popping up in a box when loading the VAT Return screen it means that QuickFile is unable to connect to your HMRC Tax Account to verify your MTD filing obligations.

When did you enroll with HMRC for the MTD Scheme?

It must have been a week or 2 ago

OK it can take 2 days for the MTD enrollment to complete with HMRC, but not 2 weeks. Did you get a welcome email from HMRC to say that it had been activated? Also if you have multiple Tax Accounts is it possible you linked the wrong one? The message you’re getting is HMRC saying that you’re not yet authorised for MTD.

Next step would be for us to take a look at your account. Happy to do that once we’ve ruled out the above.

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