Drawings not showing in proprietor drawings account

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to record a drawings from my current account inside Quickfile. I’ve created a new transaction inside my current account. I’ve then added the amount I want to draw, and have selected ‘Money Out’ from the drop down list. When it them comes to tagging the transaction, I’ve selected ‘Salary or other drawings’ and selected Proprietor Drawings.

However, when tagged, this money is now showing as a bank transfer to Current Account.

I would like the drawings to show as money come into my Proprietor Drawings Account, as I’m treating this as a personal account while my current account is my business account.

Can someone please help?

In your current account in quickfile, create your out transaction. When done click tag at the end of your transaction line. On the pop-up window click transfer between accounts and choose your drawings account.
Hope this helps

Why are you creating transactions that haven’t happened yet? The whole point of transactions are they get tagged when the event has happened not before it happens.

Hi @rhc,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I figured out that a transfer was another way of getting drawings from the current account into the proprietor drawings account.

I was wondering how the ‘Salary or other drawings’ function works. There’s an option to select Proprietor Drawings and I just wondered whether selecting this would automatically transfer the drawings from the current account into the proprietor drawings account. Or does Quickfile not work like this?

I may just be getting confused!

Hi @Paul_Courtier,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, my initial question was also in relation to transactions that have already happened.

OK. The way I do it is I tag a transaction as something else not in the list and then select proprietors drawings from the drop down. It works every time.

Thanks for your reply again.

Yes, what you’ve explained I can do. However, should the drawings then automatically get transferred into the proprietor drawings account? (which is what I want to do). Or does Quickfile not work this way?

Yes of course, any transaction that gets tagged will create an entry in the associated nominal or bank account.

Thank you. I still don’t see the drawings in the proprietor drawings account so will contact Quickfile support.

Hi @Glenn, is this something the Quickfile support team can help me with please? I’m unable to get drawings to automatically transfer from the current account to the proprietor drawings account. I’m selecting ‘Salary or other drawings’ and selecting Proprietor Drawings to tag the transactions.

Hi @Hiten_Vyas,

If you have tagged the transaction as above then it should show in the Proprietor Drawings account. I will send you a private message to get your account details from you so we can take a look into this

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