Drawings & PAYE

We do not seem to have the option show in the PDF for drawings. It is only giving us the option to do PAYE for partner drawings.How do we right this?

Which PDF are you referring to?

DRAWINGS.pdf (324.8 KB)

There weren’t any untagged items on your bank so I wasn’t able to check this. However if you click that link there should be a drop down option for PAYE.

What link am I supposed to click?

This one:

But you’ll only get this on bank entries that are untagged.

That is not how it looks like on our system.

I have created a TEST transaction for you to view on our system.

OK I do see that now. Let me refer this and I will update you shortly.

In the mean time what you can do is just select the bank transfer options instead, then treat it as a bank transfer to the partner drawings account. The result will be exactly the same. This option simply transfers the amount from one account to another.

But wont doing that way affect our P & L as we cannot allocate a category.

@Simon_Stokes OK I understand the cause now.

This menu looks for any bank accounts with the word “Drawings” in the name. I’ve renamed both your actual drawings account to suffix this word. They now appear on the list as intended.


But wont doing that way affect our P & L as we cannot allocate a category.

No it won’t, any transfer from a bank account to a drawings account is purely Balance Sheet related, it has no effect on the P&L.

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