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Would it be possible to have the root transactions from the nominal accounts? Ie. when looking at a nominal account it is sometimes difficult to identify where the transaction comes from particularly if the client has several bank accounts. In sage we are able to drill down the root transaction, this means to see where it originates from. Would it be possible to have this facility in QF? This would be time saving in case when the tagging is wrong in balance sheet accounts. Thank you.

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In the ledger views, anything invoice related will typically include a link to the actual original invoice.

Feel free to send me a private message with a specific example where you’re trying to identify the origins, I will see if it’s possible to improve the narrative.

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Hello I hope this helps.

It may well be possible to embed the additional information you need here. I can’t say for sure on the technicalities, but I agree with you that this would be a very useful addition.

PS: I removed your link, just so it’s not accessible to everyone.

Thank you very much for this

We have now added a small icon for certain ledger events that will allow you to reveal and drill-down on the paired entry. This should make things a little clearer.

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This is a great feature and it will make our accounts entry checks so much easier! Thank you very much Quickfile Team! Keep them coming!
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