Dropbox - Automated Backup Failed

I have received an automated email from Quickfile today to highlight that my weekly Dropbox backup failed;

"Important: We were unable to deliver a backup of your account to Dropbox as there appears to be insufficient space available on your Dropbox cloud storage. We are therefore sending your backup by email instead.

Please find attached your most recent backup of your data currently stored in Quick File…

Looking in my Dropbox account I can see that it has worked perfectly for the last few months and that I have just under 3Gb of available space so the 12Kb file shouldn’t be an issue.

I have also tried to complete a manual ‘Run Now’ backup but this has also failed with the same error.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks,

John Richardson
Scruffies Pet Groomers

Hi @Scruffies, we are investigating that at this very moment.

Please keep checking this thread for further updates…

There appears to be a problem with a 3rd party tool we are using for interfacing with Dropbox, specifically with reading the available space on the DB account.

We’re still looking at this, it may take a day or two to fully resolve but we’ll keep you posted.

Good morning,

Is there any update on this issue?

Many thanks,

John Richardson
Scruffies Pet Groomers.

The problem relates to a 3rd party library we’re using to interface with Dropbox, when we upgraded to .NET 4.5 it seems the library has a known bug that prevents it from working correctly.

The problem is this library hasn’t been updated by the authors since 2011. We are exploring a few options here, we don’t want to rewrite the whole Dropbbox interface so we are at this stage looking for a workaround.

I’d say by the end of this week we should have a solution.

That’s absolutely fine Glenn - thanks for the update.

John Richardson
Scruffies Pet Groomers

We’ve now extended the library to fix this upload issue. I’ve tested on my own internal account and it seems to work fine, although of course let me know if you have any further issues.

Lovely stuff - all seems back to normal thanks Glenn. :smile:

John Richardson
Scruffies Pet Groomers

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