Dropbox has stopped integrating

My dropbox account is linked and was integrating nicely, however for the last week it will not integrate, the folders are all present in dropbox with the files both old and the new ones ive recently tried to integrate, i have deleted and linked dropbox again in QF with no success.
I am only trying to integrate a couple of small files to receipt hub. I have tried on several days and have even turned off the VPN both on the pc and on the mobile.

Please advise

Hi @smin

Can I just check if you’ve run the Dropbox poll manually, and if so, were there any errors?

We were unable to locate any items for import, please ensure you are connected to the right Dropbox account and you have verified the files are present in the appropriate folder.

But it is the correct account etc

i can see the files in dropbox and they are in the correct folder

No problem. The next thing to check is the things here: Dropbox isn't working - What you need to check for first

If everything is all OK there, try disconnecting and reconnecting it.

I have done all of the above and wont integrate. I can drag and drop them in but this is not convenient as you can imagine

Do you only have the one account linked? If so, and it’s still not working after doing the above, it may be worth contacting Dropbox to see if there are any issues on their end.

only one dropbox account

I removed DB integration in QF and then deleted QF as a connected app within DropBox (and all uploaded files in DB folders)
Before adding DB integration again in QF.
That seems to have solved the issue


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