Dropbox Imports - not importing all files

I scan all my invoices and upload them via dropbox. However there are always some that don’t get imported (even though the file type is pdf and only 100kb or less). When I clear the Imports and process them, the ones I have just processed re apear to be done and the ones that i scanned disappear and i loose them. Any ideas?

Hi @Andy_Howard

When files are uploaded, they’re moved to an Imported folder. The ones you’re noticing that have disappeared, do they appear in your QuickFile account at all? If that’s the case, they will still be in the Imported folder.

With the files that aren’t being uploaded, is there anything consistent, for example, are they all around a certain size?

It may be worth just trying to unlink your account, and re-linking it again.

Hi some move into the import folder and some don’t.

Have you tried disconnecting, and reconnecting your Dropbox account from QuickFile?

Dropbox site seems to be down at the moment. This problem has been going on since i started using the import a year ago.

You can disconnect your accounts through QuickFile by going to Account Settings >> 3rd Party Integration >> Dropbox integration

I have disconnected and reconnected and they have all gone in to imported.thank you

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