Dropbox integration link


I am trying to set up dropbox integration, but when I click the link within receipt hub, I get the message “This webpage is unavailable”. Anyone able to help?


Are you referring to this link, this takes me to the Dropbox help page.

To setup a Dropbox integration, go to “All Account Settings” and towards the bottom of the page you will see the following link:

Hi Glenn,

On the left hand menu, under the heading receipt hub, clicking Dropbox Integration takes me to this page:

Clicking the green “Setup Dropbox Integration” takes me to an unavailable webpage.

Clicking the green button for me takes me to a screen like this:

Are you behind a corporate network that is perhaps blocking dropbox.com?

Hil Glenn, thanks that seems to be it, I’ve now tried it from a different machine and it’s working fine.

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