Dropbox integration not working

Dropbox receipt files not being picked up. Tried to poll it manually, then I deleted the dropbox integration and re installed it. All made no difference. 12 receipts now in the directory and a manual poll says ‘we were unable to locate any items’. Please help thanks.

Does it work if you create a folder under QuickFile Receipts named with your account number? If QuickFile thinks you’ve associated the same Dropbox account with more than one QuickFile account then it’ll only pull in files from the account number sub folder.

Hi Ian, no that didn’t make any difference

Hi @mickcox

I’ve run this past our development team who have confirmed there is an on-going issue affecting Dropbox at the moment.

We’ve added this to our status page and will update it in due course - Dropbox integration not syncing | QuickFile: System Health

I have used dropbox for a few years but recently the files are uploading to dropbox but not appearing in quickfile. Can you help

Hi I found this

Everything has been working fine for years. Now my pdf files won’t upload to Receipt Hub. I’ve tried polling manually, but it responds “We were unable to locate any items for import…” I’ve checked through the web browser interface that the files are in Dropbox. Any ideas?

Hi I found this

Hi @warden @lyndac

I’ve merged your posts with this thread as they relate to the same issue. I’ve posted an update above and will update this thread in due course.

The Development Team have now advised me that this issue has now been resolved.

As the integration works by ‘listening’ for a change (e.g. a file name change) you may need to open drop box and change a filename.

The file change will essentially tell it to run.

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I still have the problem. I have added new files and they are not being uploaded. Same error messaqe when I do a manual poll.

I just re-installed it again and restarted it, and finally it is now working again.

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