Dropbox isn't working - What you need to check for first

If you are finding that Dropbox is not importing your files into the Receipt Hub. Here’s a few things you can check first.

  • Are you sure you’re synced to the right Dropbox account? It’s easy if you have multiple Dropbox accounts to link QuickFile to a different account to which you are depositing files. If in doubt disconnect and reconnect your QuickFile account to Dropbox paying close attention to the email address you provide on authorisation.

  • If your file is not a recognised type it will be ignored. Here are the files we currently support: PDF Documents, Images (png, gif, jpg, tif), Word Documents (Including RTF), Excel Spreadsheets (Including CSV), Notepad documents and HTML documents.

  • If your file is too big it will be ignored. Our current file size limit is 5mb.

  • Duplicate file names will be ignored. If you have an untagged item in your Receipt Hub called document1.pdf. Adding another file to your Dropbox folder called document1.pdf will not import. The simple solution here is to change the file name in Dropbox and it should then get picked up.

  • Make sure you’re putting the file in the right place. If you only have one Quick File account you can put your files in \Dropbox\Apps\Quick File Receipts\.. If you have multiple Quick File accounts you need to create a folder matching your account numbers and enter the files into those respective folders. E.g. \Dropbox\Apps\Quick File Receipts\6131400555\.., \Dropbox\Apps\Quick File Receipts\6131400556\.. etc. Put the files directly in the aforementioned folder locations, do not create additional folders or put them inside the imported folder.

  • Manually poll your account. Dropbox tells us when you’ve added a new file to the folder so we can pull it into your account, but there can be the rare occasion this doesn’t happen. Manually polling your account will normally resolve this. This option can be found in Account Settings >> 3rd Party Integration >> Dropbox integration

If you have tried all the above please post a message on the forum and we will manually poll your account to see what’s happening.