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Dropbox no poling


Previously dropbox integration was working fine now my new PDFs aren’t being polled.
I have tried ‘Poll dropbox now’ and I get this message:-
“We were unable to locate any items for import, please ensure you are connected to the right Dropbox account and you have verified the files are present in the appropriate folder.”
I can see my PDFs in folder C:\Users\Andrew\Dropbox\Apps\Quick File Receipts
Any help appreciated,



Hello @artandrewartist

There are a few things to check firstly.

Do you see the files in your folder on Dropbox.com? This would confirm that the file has uploaded successfully. If it’s not there, there could be an issue syncing with your device.

Is it just the one QuickFile account you have linked with Dropbox?

Does the file meet the requirements - is it a supported format (PDF is), and is it under 4MB in size?



Thanks Mathew, for some reason dropbox wasn’t running on my PC so hadn’t synced files. I restarted dropbox and all is well now.

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