Dropbox not pulling documents properly

I have imported a bunch of new PDFs to my Dropbox folders (two companies).

Unfortunately, they were not automatically imported into the Receipt Hub.

When I polled Dropbox manually, in case of one company only 9 new documents were detected out of several dozens. Subsequent polling did not detect any new documents.

In case of another company, polling Dropbox the first time did not detect any new documents.

Additionally, I have a backlog of documents that were not imported. It seems that this error is transient — it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

Hi @marekkowalczyk

I would just like to check a few things here to ensure I have a good understanding of the situation.

  1. Are all the files under 5MB in size?
  2. Are all files uniquely named? If there are untagged files with matching names on the Receipt Hub new ones will not be uploaded until the existing receipts are tagged.
  3. Have they all synced successfully with Dropbox?
  4. They are in an account folder in /Apps/Quick File Receipts/?
  5. They are all .pdf (or another supported format)?

If the answer is “yes” to all of the above, can you provide me with the last 3 digits of the QuickFile account number of the accounts you’re having the issues with, and I’ll take a closer look for you?

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