Dropbox not pulling files into Quickfile II


Still have items not pulling in from dropbox, had to start a new topic as old one has closed.

Hi @Andy_Howard

I’ve just manually run this for you and it’s pulled in a few files.

Have you disconnected and reconnected your Dropbox account since the last time this has happened?

Hi. Yes, this keeps happening. Keep unlinking and linking, taking files out and adding them again.

I’ll certainly ask my colleague to see if they notice anything unusual. However, Dropbox works by them notifying us that a file has been added. There aren’t any other reported cases at the moment, but we’ll keep an eye out for other reports too

Hi. Still having issues with files not being bought in. Have again tried re adding them and still stuck. Seems when I put more than 8 files into dropbox it then stops going to quickfile

Hi @Andy_Howard

I’ve just taken a look at this for you. The files are showing as duplicates, which means there are files with the same name waiting to be tagged in the receipt hub. If you can tag those, they should be picked up for you.

If they don’t show once the pending ones have been tagged, then please let me know and I’ll manually run this for you from our end.

I’m not sure why they are duplicates. I only scan one document at a time and they go directly into the Dropbox folder. This is another issue I have and it takes me quite a few scans of each document to eventually get them all into quickfile.

This isn’t something that’s been reported before, nor something I’m able to replicate unfortunately.

Are you using sub folders or adding the files straight into Apps/QuickFile? The files that have imported, do you see a copy of the in the import folder?

One thing we have noticed with your files is the underscore. When we import the files, we trim anything before the underscore, so a file called 20161121_file1.pdf will be called file1.pdf when it hits the receipt hub (this doesn’t however rename the file itself, only the displayed name). In this case, if you have 20161120_file1.pdf as well, it would be picked up as a duplicate. Renaming or tagging the files would resolve this issue.