Dropbox not working again

Receipts not being taken from the ‘Quick File Receipts’ folder again. Manually Polling the folder brings up the ‘We are unable to locate any items for import’ error in red at the top.
Also had the backup file emailed to me as ‘We were unable to deliver a backup of your account to Dropbox as there appears to be a problem connecting to your Dropbox cloud storage.’

Hi @mickcox

It sounds like it could be an issue with the connection between your QuickFile account and Dropbox.

Have you tried removing the connection and re-adding it?

I tried that and it worked for just the files that were in the folder waiting - Anything new I put there the following day were not moved across. This is why I thought it was fixed a few days ago…
Ok trying it again now. Ok, it has moved the files in after a few minutes so has worked again. I will add more files over the next day or so and see what happens and report back. Thank you for your help.

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It has stopped working again. No other files have been moved into QF apart from the ones when I first re-installed the dropbox integration. Polling manually brings up the ‘unable to locate items’ error again.

What a weird problem. Hope you can help.

Are the files appearing on Dropbox.com as well as your device?

Yes, the files not being moved over

are on my dropbox.com online as well as on my pc

Have you disconnected Dropbox from QuickFile after saving the files to the folder?

Dropbox works on a notification type set up. When you add the files, Dropbox notifies us, and we’ll pick up the files. If the files are already there when it’s linked, they won’t be picked up.

That is the opposite of what is happening. Any files there now, if I disconnect and then reconnect, will be picked up. Then, after an indeterminate amount of time, any new files put in will not be picked up. There are 2 files in there now. If I was to disconnect and reconnect, they would be moved into Quickfile for me.

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