Dropbox - Retain files in an imported folder

In light of the recent deletion of scanned / uploaded receipts, i would like to make a suggestion to a possible change in the way DropBox integration is applied.

It would be good if receipts, etc which are placed in the Quickfile DropBox folder are moved to an “Imported” folder, rather than being deleted when they are imported.



This is definitely something that we are prioritising right now. I’m hoping this will be ready in a few days. We will also be implementing stronger backup policies with our file storage system and providing all users with a public schedule of backups to see what and when data is backed up.

I will update this thread once the Dropbox update as been implemented.

This happened to be a very trivial update and has now been deployed. From now on our system will not delete the source file from Dropbox but will import and move that file to a new directory in the Quick File Receipts\.. Dropbox folder.

The folder holding the retained documents will be named as follows:

Apps/Quick File Receipts/Imported/[your_qf_account_number]/filename.pdf

Every imported file will be prefixed with a timestamp as shown below. This makes it easy to see what was imported in chronological order and also prevents overwrites when uploading files with the same name.

So to summarise, from now on we are never deleting files from Dropbox but instead moving them to an Imported folder. It is at the discretion of the user whether or not these backups are retained.

We will also be implementing additional controls for maintaining a full mirror copy of all files held on our cloud storage provider. This will take a little longer to implement but we will update users as and when this is active.

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Is there a possibility of making that prefixed timestamp optional? I already prefix all my receipts with a datestamp so I can sort them, this automatic one in effect overrides the one that I implement.

It wouldn’t be straightforward to do this without introducing some account level settings. If it’s something that becomes more popular with other users we can certainly consider further.

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