Dual VAT registration


I would like to ask you for the following thing – our UK company (ltd.) is going to operate soon on a two EU markets with the second EU VAT number (besides of UK VAT). We will need to invoice our clients in other EU country with their local VAT number. Is Quick software able to process two different VAT numbers and recognise the difference when preparing the VAT returns? We are going to submit VAT returns in the UK and the other EU country (accordingly) and the Corporate Tax only in the UK.

Would you have any advice or suggestions?



Hi @meddiamonds

At the moment we only support one VAT number and one submission per account.

This isn’t likely to be something we’re going to be looking at any time soon due to the uncertainty of the status with EU. However, we will update our forums with any updates should this change.

I’ll leave this topic open for a few more days as another user may have a suggestion to work this with your account.