Duplicate Bank Feed

I just paid for the bank feed and my first feed has duplicate transactions. I have checked my bank statement and they are duplicates.
I never had any issues when using chrome and it was free!
I can just delete them, but want to know how to flag this to Quick File, as this is now a PAID service, on top of what we already pay as super users.

Hi @Shlee1978

Sorry to hear about the duplicate transactions!

Can you let me know a few details please and we’ll certainly take a look for you?

  • What type of feed are you using?
  • What bank is the feed for?
  • Do they have the same date, description and/or amount?

It is the open banking feed and the bank is Santander.
They have the same date and amount, but the descriptions are different:

Description examples include:

  1. PAYMENTS vs. BILL PAYMENT FROM… (customer name) - this was an incoming payment
  2. PURCHASE IN BRANCHES -PCAS vs. CARD PAYMENT TO POST OFFICE COUNTER,4.50 GBP - this was use of a debit card in a shop


Thank you for providing the information - We will take a look into this to see if there is a fix available :slight_smile:

Hi @Shlee1978

Santander seem to be sending some transactions through with different dates and descriptions.

We have raised this with Santander, but they can take a bit longer to fix this than what we like.

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