Duplicate Bank items

Ive got some duplicate items in the bank statement that are in a locked VAT period.
How can i unlock so i can untag and remove the payments?




The only way to unlock them from a VAT return would be to roll the return back.

It may just be easier to create a journal counteracting them however. Am I right to think they’re untagged?

No they are tagged, thats why i cant do anything with them

To access these then, you would need to roll back the VAT return which releases the lock. However, this may affect your VAT figures. If you’ve submitted these to HMRC, you may need to contact them to correct any errors (depends on things such as the value etc).

Do you have many transactions that need correcting? Are they linked to invoices?

no, im in accounting so i know the ins and outs, its the technicalities of QF i was unsure as i only use this with one client

In that case, just rollingback the VAT return will be the starting point.

View the VAT return that the transaction would have been applied to, and click on “Rollback”.


This will undo the VAT return completely, as if it was never completed. We do however keep the rolledback VAT returns on your account for reference.

The returns can only be rolled back in order, so if you have one for Oct 18 - Jan 19, but want to roll back Jul 18 - Sept 18, you need to roll back the Oct - Jan one first.

Once you’re done, you would simply re-do the VAT return but don’t submit them. Even if they are submitted, HMRC will reject the return.

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