Duplicate bank transaction downloads

Some automatic bank downloads are being duplicated.
see :£10.70 on both 8 &5 Sept; £80.27 on 8@5 Sept; £1.95 on 5 &4 Sept.

Hi @davidhartley

Can you please let me know what type of bank feed you’re using, and what bank this is with please?

its a yodel feed. My bank is Clydesdale

I used to be with Yorkshire Bank (same company) and they did the thing of showing card authorisations immediately on the authorisation date and then gradually adding more info to the description and changing the transaction date up to the point when the transaction finally settled. @QFMathew you may need to apply the same few days delay on card payments for Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank as I know you already have for one or two others.

That sounds about right @ian_roberts. Although Open Banking feeds for both banks are imminent. There are a few issues which the bank needs to address, but I’m confident the newer feeds would resolve this.

Thanks. Lets hope the new feeds will resolve it.

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