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Duplicate entries caused by tagging


Is there anything that can be done to avoid the duplication of entries in this scenario?

Down load statements from 2 bank accounts that have transfers between each other, tag a transfer in one account as a transfer and it places a receipt in the 2nd account, then you have the duplicate transaction in the second account to deal with.

Options, delete it would seem simple or tag it and get a duplicated entry in both accounts.

Tagging causes an incorrect entry but deleting it also causes an issue if the transaction is ever down loaded again (heads up, some bank accounts have very blunt download options, I get this a lot).

Could either a check be made at the tagging stage by the software to flag up very similar transactions when they are a transfer and the option be given for ‘is the transaction you are trying to tag this transaction?’, eg like the duplicate entry thing when you first upload a statement.

Or could the entry created by Quickfile in the other account be given a more clear description like ‘Transfer created by Quickfile from xxxx Bank account’ to make them faster to filter out if it has to be done manually rather than just ’ Transfer from xxx’? (This would be helpful even if the first opttion is possible).


Hi @aos,

When you are tagging the transfer, then as long as it is the same date and amount it should ask you and pick up on the matching transaction in the other account

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