Duplicate entries when manually logging payments

I had previously created a number of client invoices, which have been logged as paid.
I then since imported my bank statement.
What I now have is a duplicates: the previously created payments and the clients payment transaction from my bank statement. When i click to tag them i get the opportunity to match with sales record. Despite having the same date and payment amount, It can not match the two.

Has the client name on the bank statement got to match exactly with the client info on my quickfile account?

Have i done this the wrong way round - should i have entered my bank statement first? In which case i may need to start my quickfile account from scratch.

Thank you in advance for your help!

When you manually log payments to invoices (using the log a payment button) the system creates an entry on the bank, if you’re then importing the bank statement those items may get duplicated. The bank import process will however test for pre-existing items with the same date and amount and will give you the option to commit or ignore.

If you do however find yourself having a bunch of duplicate entries on the bank, you would go through, identify the duplicates and remove the UNTAGGED ones, be sure to remove the untagged ones, not the green tagged ones.

Hope that helps!

Thank you Glenn - thats very helpful and i’m grateful for your speedy response.

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