Duplicate entry for PayPal purchases

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I am trying to resolve an issue that i have discovered whilst trying to prepare my end of year accounts.

When i have purchased goods through Paypal and i have Paypal sync enabled i get an entry in my main bank account tagged directly to the invoice but i also get two untagged entries of the same amount in my merchant account. these are being thrown up as errors in the end of year routine.

Previously i have had to manually detag the current account entry from the invoice and then retag it to the matching Paypal credit. then i have to tag the matching Paypal debit to the invoice (that i previously untagged).

I feel that it must be possible to set up QF to handle the flow of funds appropriately but am unsure how to do so and is there a quick way of resolving the ones that exist at the moment?

Many thanks in anticipation of your prompt reply,



Usually when you pay for items on PayPal using your debit card it will appear on the current account and again on the PayPal feed. What you would normally do here is tag the entry on your Current account as a transfer to the PayPal merchant account, then tag the outbound amount in PayPal to a supplier invoice.

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