Duplicate invoices created from clients payments?!

Good morning, The other day I created an invoice for a new customer to pay via the paypal option your program includes. Unfortuanately when my client paid and the details were brought across from paypal a new invoice was created and a new client. (I did not know their paypal details and their name on that was a little different to what i had called them).
How do I remove the duplicate invoice and stop this happening again. I am planning on creating invoices for new clients to be able to pay from quite often and don’t want to be forever chasing my tail.

Just as an addition to this. The client only paid once yet both the original invoice (that I created) and the new invoice (which this program created) say they have been paid and have been tagged?

Thank you for your help with this


If you’re manually logging payments for your PayPal sales and you’ve also got the PayPal feed switched on you will end up with duplicates. What you can do is go into the PayPal feed settings and select the following option to ‘Leave the tagging to me’, this will only deposit the bank entry and not the invoice, so all you need to do is link the bank deposit to the invoice you’ve already created. You can do that by tagging it in the bank.

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