Duplicate transactions from a CSV file

My first import of bank statement from CSV file.

There are four “Tagged” transactions and 28 “Tag Me!” transactions, though I can only see three “Tagged”.
However of the three “Tagged” transactions there are three identical “Tag Me!” transactions which threw me initially thinking there were dual transactions to the same customer.
In the CSV file these dual transactions don’t appear.

Searching the help doesn’t explain what and why these tags are there for.
And what use I can make of them?
How can I halt these dual entries?

It’s an error there not meant for anything. Just delete the entries if your sure it’s wrong.

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It is normal if you upload csv, to record dual transactions if before upload already you added some of them manually.As i remember there is a setting on your account you can do, so system will ask you every time you try to upload a double entry “this seems as double payment do you want to keep it ?” and then you must select “discard it”. Otherwise you should delete them all manually .

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