Duplicates created by manually logging payments and tagging from the bank

I have just uploaded a couple of months bank statements to quickfile and was going through the process of tagging the transactions. I have noticed a number of duplicates, this is where I have already marked something as paid. Am I doing something wrong as I fear I have a load of duplicates to deal with now.

Yes, when you tag items on a bank statement for those invoices that you have already marked as paid you will end up with duplicates. The best way to handle this (although perhaps a little late in your case) is to delete any untagged transactions on the bank that you have already manually paid, you would normally do this after you upload the statement.

In your case what you would need to do to rectify the problem is locate any duplicates on the bank and delete one of the transactions. If the transaction you delete is tagged this will delete the payment and leave an UNPAID invoice behind (the one created from your earlier tagging), so after you have done that you will need to delete any redundant unpaid invoices left behind.

OK thanks knew it was something I did oops. I think I will revert to checking things off on the bank statement when they come in.

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