Dynamic Variables II

Apologies Glenn, just when you thought it was safe…!

Have now found the code for the period ||MONTHEND+1D|| to ||MONTHEND+1M|| in November (or any month with less than 31 days) gives 01/12/2013 to 30/12/2013 (or equiv) rather than the full month.

That’s probably a real pain codewise, too?!


Yes I’m aware of this limitation… and yes it’s a real pain to handle without some additional validation:smiley:

Setting ranges on months is not that well supported at the moment. It’s probably not the solution you’re looking for but you could use something like

Service for the period of ||MONTH+1||.

In future what we could do is always assume ||MONTHEND+1M|| means the last day of that month. I think it would be fair to say 99% of the time that’s what people would expect?

That sounds like a plan… I concur!


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The ||MONTHEND+1M|| now works when going from a 30 day month to a 31 day month (as was the case for November to December). You can also test this on the newly restored dynamical variable sandbox tool:


That’s wonderful, many thanks Glenn…

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