e-invoicing has just become mandatory for EU public sector purchases in some EU countries, and other countries are likely to adopt. Does QuickFile comply with its invoicing system?

Is there a 3rd party add-on?

E-invoicing is becoming more mandatory in the EU due to EU legislation (NHS in UK, Sweden for all public sector). Any moves to integrate a e.g. PEPPOL protocol / service provider or some other solution into QuickFile?

Hi @jwf

I’m not personally familiar with the requirements for this, so I will need to raise this with our development team tomorrow to see if they can clarify it. I will come back to you as soon as I hear back.

This isn’t something that we support at the moment, but we can certainly consider it as part of future development. I’ve moved your thread to the #feature category for the time being, and we can monitor the interest in this.

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