E-mail Features


Just some suggestions, i can see we can now when singularly paying an invoice notify the supplier but it would be good to be able to bulk pay invoices and still have the option to send that to a supplier so it shows them all the invoice numbers that have been paid or sent them a remittance.

What would also be good is the quick pay bar at the bottom when entering an invoice and you can click a box to log that its been paid is if that also gave you an option to send an email to notify of payment.

Would also be nice to see when purchase orders/correspondence to suppliers have been viewed like we can with clients.

And personally for me on the supplier side of things even after a PO has been converted to invoice id like to be able to amend it and resend if needed as sometimes orders change between converting an invoice and job happening. On client side we can still amend invoices even after they have been paid to add on additional things.

I also would like to be able to send more than 1 purchase order to invoice as sometimes theres 3 po’s for 1 job and the supplier sends one invoice for the lot. Again this is a personal thing and i dont know if the masses would benefit or just me.

I’ll leave this open for others to add their vote. I know some of these suggestions have already been raised in the past. It’s worth using the search tool first before reposting, otherwise we end up with loads of different posts asking for the same thing or something similar.

Also please separate your posts out to one per feature and use descriptive titles. We use this forum to gauge demand and posts like this will just get buried, no user who has a similar problem will find it and neither will our developers.