Easily duplicate bank transactions

Hi. I have been using Quickfile for some time now and find it very useful and easy friendly.

Just wondered whether there was scope for a development which would enable an ability to copy and paste transactions within the bank account list of transactions. This has arisen as every month I need to split a bank transaction that has been reconciled into 2 different payments in order to tag them correctly - it’s always the same every month so it would be really useful if I could just tick on the previous month’s ones, copy and paste them, and then all i’d need ot do is change the transaction date.

Many thanks


Hi @AlRyan

Thank you for your suggestions!

With feature requests, we tend to leave them open for other community members to add their vote or comment to. Would you be able to post 2 of the above as a separate thread please, and edit your post leaving just one there?

We’re more than happy to leave these open for you then and look into them in more detail if there’s a demand from the community.

Yes will do, thanks.