Ebay change in payments system

Has anyone else been switched to manage payments this month?

I’ve changed to handling Ebay the same way as I do with Amazon now.

I run an Amazon merchant account. I tally daily sales total, daily fees total. I check them each day to make sure they balance with the Amazon figure and then tag. When the transfer takes place every two weeks I then do that from my merchant account to Bank and it has worked fine and is always straight.
The way they handle the business customer that takes credit can affect it, but I have worked that out.

So I set up Ebay to work the same way.

Everything has balanced through August, but now I have my Ebay invoice and it doesn’t tally.

The final value fees they have ticked on the invoice as already taken do not match what they have actually taken. It’s not a lot out, but it’s out.

I’ve download the months transactions and checked them all against what I have in QF and my figures come out correct.

It’s probably something I’m missing, but wondered if anyone else had a similar issue and resolved it.

No one seems to have the problem.

However I worked it out.

It’s the accumulated rounding errors where Ebay managed payments work to 2 decimal points and the commission on the invoice works to smaller fractions and over the course of the month this creates a small anomaly.


I’m glad that you’ve managed to work it out :slight_smile: sorry I wasn’t able to help with your original post

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