Ebay multiple feeds

I only seem to be able to have one active feed for ebay managed payments.
When I connect one it disconnects the other (I have 2 running)

Hi @loubilou

Unfortunately multiple feeds are not supported with ebay, you can only link one

ah thanks, saves me being puzzled as to why. Although, its not ideal as many business operate more than one ebay store :frowning:
Is this an ebay thing or a quick file thing?

Hi @loubilou

This is a QuickFile restriction, you are only able to link one account with one QuickFile log in

Maybe thats something that quickfile ought to look into. I’m sure I’m not the only person running one business with income from more than one ebay account.
You allow more than one live live feed from different paypal accounts.
As a consequence I’m basically left with no option but to manually enter the entire in/out managed payment transactions of one of my ebay shops. Having a second quickfile log in will be of no use whatsoever in this scenario. I don’t see the logic of it.

Hi @loubilou

As this is a feature request post we will leave it here so that people can vote and if there is enough interest then we can ask the dev team to look into having multiple feeds for ebay

thats great thanks! :slight_smile: